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  • Main features:


Luminaire type

Recessed LED luminaire with the possibility of different dimensions — 600/600 (incl. 620/620) or 1200/300 and a possibility of 1, 2 or 3 rows of light source with lenses. The luminaire is only 1 cm thick and can be sold also without a driver so to be used with any standard driver available on the market. The efficiency is up to 175lm/W in the premium model depending on the type of light distribution used.

Key advantages

·         smooth and uniform light distribution with UGR<19

·         large choice of light distributions

·         very thin luminaire – only 10mm which saves on the transport cost

·         independent driver SELV60

·         various dimensions


The luminaires are designed for mounting in standard recessed ceilings with M600, M620 or any special dimension. The height of the luminaire is 10mm (excluding the driver that can be mounted on top as well remotely). This allows mounting of the luminaire in ceilings that have limited space.


This LED luminaire is excellent for general lighting purposes for offices, computer halls, banks, meeting rooms, conference halls, etc.

Optical system

The luminaire is equipped with lenses with a large choice of distribution. Efficiency of the lenses is above 90%.


The operational life of the LED modules used is minimum 50,000 h. The warranty of the luminaire is 5 years.

Luminaire lumens 3600lm

Luminaire Efficacy >160lm/W

Luminous Power  22W

System Luminous Flux 4320lm