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Luminaire type

Suspended LED luminaire with direct/indirect distribution of the light — the perfect solution for schools, offices, open spaces.


Key advantages

• very high efficiency of more than 130 lm/W
• long life and maintenance free
• excellent glare protection on the direct side
• UGR 14
• quick pay-off for the initial investments (ROI)
• design for quick and easy installation


CLARIS LED is designed for suspended mounting with two steel wires (as accessories).  The wires are fixed to the luminaire trough automatic fixation that allows secure locking and easy manual adjustment with no special tools.


CLARIS LED luminaire is the best in class solution for general lighting purposes for schools, offices, banks, meeting rooms, conference halls, etc.

Optical system

This LED luminaire is equipped with double parabolic optical system on the direct side designed especially for LED source of light. The optics is produced from highly efficient anodized aluminum in combination with dedicated opal diffuser. For this optical system, ELUX has registered EU design. The result is a LED luminaire with excellent comfort and efficiency.  The indirect part is covered with opal or clear polycarbonate. The available options for light distribution are 45%:55% or 30%:70% (down/up).


The operational life of the LED modules used is minimum 50,000 h. The warranty of the luminaire is 5 years.

Luminous flux emitted by the luminaire: 6600lm

Luminaire efficacy: 125lm/W

Luminaire power: 53W

Warranty:  12 months