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Type of luminaire

Innovative LED luminaire especially designed industrial applications. It is suitable for production offices, industrial facilities, warehouse and logistical centres. It has simple yet proper design with different optical solutions.

Key advantages

– energy efficient luminaire with more than 140 lm/W

long life-span

– completely maintenance free (no need for lamp replacement)

– easy mounting

high-quality of the light emitted with CRI>80

various selection for colour temperature – between 3000 and 6500K


– Industrial premises where IP23 is good enough

– warehouse solutions

– Shops

– Different production facilities

Material and finish

The housing of Industry Lens is made from zinc galvanized steel. The luminaire optic is sealed by special lenses with high-efficiency of more than 95%. The used LED module and drivers are with high-quality with minimum ripple (less than 1%).



Luminaire Lumens  8400lm

Luminaire Efficacy  143lm/W

Luminous Power  63W

System Luminous Flux